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ZENTO Perks Member Terms & Conditions And Privacy Policy

Updated 13/Feb/2019

ZENTO Perks is a trading division of ZENTO Limited and we, the team at ZENTO Limited (referred to in this document as “ZENTO”, “us” or “we”), thank you for your interest in our ZENTO Perks products and services.

To use our products and services by law we are required to clarify certain things with you. As we are unable to negotiate terms of use with each individual user we have drafted the following general Terms & Conditions (T&Cs).

ZENTO uses information collected from member/visitors to our websites and/or mobile applications to improve the information we offer to you and enhance your online experience.

We take your privacy very seriously and detail in our T&Cs the personal information we may collect about you and how we may use that information.

Please take care to read these T&Cs regarding our apps and websites before you make use of our products and services.


1.1 ZENTO operates member-only events, promotions and event reward services via and other related websites, web pages and mobile apps (together the “ZENTO Perks Services”).
1.2 We aim is to create new opportunities for active people to take advantage of premium offers, discounts and promotions from Brand Partners (see section 3 below) delivered by text or email as a digital replacement/supplement for a physical swag/goody bag.


2.1 Before being able to participate in a ZENTO Perks event pack you must first register for free as a ZENTO Perks member via the ZENTO website or app.
2.2 As part of the registration process we require your first name, surname, email, mobile number and password to protect your account and allow future login.
2.3 You must be aged 16 or above to register as a ZENTO member and to use the ZENTO Perks Services.
2.4 If your login details are lost, stolen, misused or otherwise compromised you must contact us immediately in order that we can issue you with new login details.


3.1 Registration allows you to access the relevant ZENTO event pack and take advantage of offers and promotions from our Brand Partners.
3.2 You may select any or all offers and promotions available from Brand Partners by clicking through to the relevant offer page on their website.
3.3 We only work with Brand Partners that have entered into a formal agreement with us. All brands that partner with us do so at our discretion.
3.4 Where you choose to purchase a product or service from a Brand Partner all financial transactions will be provided by the Brand Partner and we shall not collect or have access to any of your personal payment details.
3.5 We do not monitor or control the activities of our Brand Partners and cannot guarantee the suitability or otherwise of any product of service supplied by a Brand Partner through the ZENTO Perks Services.


4.1 ZENTO, as operator of the ZENTO Perks Services, acts as an intermediary between its members and its Brand Partners.
4.2 ZENTO does not take responsibility for any member-generated content or information displayed on the ZENTO Perks Services.
4.3 If ZENTO has knowledge of any unlawful or offensive activity or information on the ZENTO Perks Services we will remove or disable access to this information.
4.4 As a member you agree that the content posted by you on the ZENTO Perks Services will not break any law or encourage an illegal act; be defamatory, abusive or offensive; infringe copyright, privacy or confidentiality of any third party; contain any software virus, coding, files or programs designed to affect a computer or telecoms equipment.
4.5 All information and materials (including designs, text and graphics) on the ZENTO Perks Services are the copyright of ZENTO. No information on our websites or apps may be copied, reproduced or downloaded without our express permission in writing.
4.6 As a member you agree not to remove or change anything on the ZENTO Perks Services.
4.7 We reserve the right to remove or edit any content posted on the ZENTO Perks Services.
4.8 Your use of ZENTO Perks Services may provide access to other websites by linking to them. We are not responsible for the data policies (including data protection and cookies), content or security of these linked sites.


5.1 You may occasionally supply personal information to ZENTO. This may include when you register, submit a contact form, add to your personal profile and/or enter an event or competition. You may also be asked whether you would like to participate in surveys to help us improve our service. Whether or not you participate in these surveys is up to you.
5.2 ZENTO will not share any part of your personal data with any third party. You should be aware that if you subsequently give any personal information to another company, the uses to which that information may be put will be determined by the privacy policy of that company. In such a situation the terms of our privacy policy will no longer apply.
5.3 You may at any time change your mind about receiving information from us. If you initially chose to receive such information, and subsequently decide that you no longer wish to receive information about ZENTO Perks, you can notify us by contacting us at the address below or simply click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of any email.
5.4 You may at any time choose to amend, update or delete the data we retain about yourself including any preferences as to how or if we may continue to contact you.
5.5 ZENTO is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (No. ZA201043) and will always operate in full compliance with all current and future data protection legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998.


6.1 If you break any of the terms of these T&Cs we reserve the right, at our sole discretion (with or without notice), to cancel your ZENTO Perks membership.
6.2 Should your membership be cancelled we will delete any content you have added on the websites or apps and prohibit you from using all or part of the ZENTO Perks Services.


7.1 Your decision to use the ZENTO Perks Services is at your own risk.
7.2 We are not liable for any loss or damage you may suffer by using the ZENTO Perks Services.


8.1 If we not deliver the standard of service you expect, or if you feel that we have made a mistake, please contact us by email at
8.2 All written complaints we receive will be addressed quickly and where necessary action will be taken to put matters right.


9.1 Please use the Contact Form on our websites or apps or email or write to us at ZENTO Ltd, iCentrum, Holt Street, Birmingham B7 4AB, United Kingdom.
9.2 ZENTO Ltd is a limited company registered in England No. 10286784.
9.3 Our T&Cs may change from time to time. Any changes will take effect when posted here and govern any future usage by you of our websites, mobile apps and services.
9.4 Our T&Cs and any contractual obligations arising from them are governed by English Law and any related court proceedings must be brought within the United Kingdom.
9.5 A person who is not party to these T&Cs has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these terms of service.